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Fitting Service

Northside#1 is honoured to offer and do completely a unique supply on the widest range of all the latest and cut-edged 4×4 Accessories and Suspension Upgrades Front/Rear Kits, Off-road, Ute Leads, Flares, Snorkels, Touring products, Towing solutions, Roof Racks, Canopies, Toolbox, Ladder Racks with qualified and knowledgeable team for service and installation. We can also do calculation based on a custom design and manufacture the accessories to fully suit your needs as we pride ourselves on highest quality installations and services.


Wheel Alignment

Your wheel alignment & accurate balancing are the two significant factors to ensure that you maintain properly your tyres and your vehicle’s handling. Every vehicle has a distinct combination of camber, castor and toe measurements. Whereupon, these must be correctly measured, interpreted and adjusted by an expert. So that we can thoroughly measure, analyse and adjust your vehicle’s steering position and also your suspension angles to ensure the wheels are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other.

Financial concepts, analysis, planning


We aim to give you the best for essentials. Please remember, if you need a little bit of help paying for your products, we offer interest free finance in partnership with Zip Money. Seems “better than an interest free credit card”, now you can simplify how you pay and save every day with fast, fair and seamless payment solutions online and in-store. With Zip, you get to buy the things you love today and pay for them over time, interest free. Think of it like small interest free loans or a credit card, only much better.


Assurance of Supports

We aim to give you the best for essentials. So that please keep checking out our range to get hold of the extensive and expanding deals on your favourite diversity 4WD Accessories and Wheels & Tyres. All our supplies are a real deal and we provide guarantees on all our products and our workmanship. Please plan to visit our picturesque showroom in Brisbane to see exactly what we have to offer.